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Fall Into Winter Retreat

Awaken your Mind, Body and Spirit

Experience Connecting and Exploring with your authentic self through
yoga and meditation

Come and join us for a Weekend Immersion 
Breathe Easy ~ Unlock Your Inner Calm ~ Be In The Moment
January 20-22, 2023

Sold Out

Thank you so much for your hospitality at the Autumn Retreat. I had a great time being one with nature, animals & myself. It was very enlightening. Keep up the good work & spreading your passion.

Rebecca Hu

Autumn 2019 Retreat Participant 

I attended the inaugural spring into summer retreat and it was amazing! 


I was new to yoga at the time, and Rhodella & staff were very welcoming and patient in providing me with instruction. 

I also liked the fact that there were activities outside of yoga where we could appreciate our natural surroundings.  There was an awesome hike up an old logging trail, and we were led in a reflective discussion around the outdoor fire pit.  During breaks in the day, there were health & wellness workshops for us to attend. 


Suffice to say, I had an amazing time and will definitely be back.  And I very highly recommend one billion percent!!!!!!!!! 

Paolo Conte

Summer 2019 Retreat Participant

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