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Upcoming Seasonal Retreats
All inclusive private retreats at Yoga in the Adirondacks 

Last Retreat of 2023

September 22 -24 2023

January 12 - 14 2024

March 22 - 24 2024

June 21 - 23 2024

Yoga in the Adirondacks at the Devine Acres
"Where Yoga Embraces Nature"
With seasonal retreats, timeless space where everything resides in beauty. 
"The authentic you" - a mind, body, spirit connection. 
  • Winter Retreat - Fall into Winter 
  • Spring Retreat - Spring Renewal 
  • Summer Retreat - Spring into Summer 
  • Fall Retreat - Autumn Transformation
(Accomodations for 8 participants)  
Our participants are smaller in number, our space is grand.
We are a Yoga Shala, a home with a yoga studio, barns with miniature donkeys, sheep, lambs, chickens & ducks.
As well as hiking trails we continue to expand. 

We have over 300 acres of Adirondack Mountains tucked away in the beautiful valley of Bakers Mills NY,
minutes from Gore mountain Ski Resort. 

Yoga changes your brain, it releases serotonin, dopamine, and other feel good hormones. A break down of the emotional, physical, psychological, energetic Klesha's - obstacles that close our doors.
Our ultimate " true practice" for our retreats in yoga, is finding our authentic self by using breath, posture, meditation, essential oils, singing bowls, and sound baths for chakra energy balancing by healing through unity,
the whole you tells the story becoming a union of the self.  

All becoming the observer of our own behavior, bringing awareness to our TRUTH - a closer relationship to DIVINE 

Meet our team here!

I attended the inaugural spring into summer retreat and it was amazing! 


I was new to yoga at the time, and Rhodella & the staff were very welcoming and patient in providing me withinstruction. 


The team at Divine Acres are true to their name, and an actual retreat into nature - with a meticulously manicured site at the base of a mountain range in the heart of the Adirondacks. 


The farmhouse where we stayed was newly renovated while still maintaining its historic charm.  The beds and mattresses were brand new.  I was the first to sleep on mine.  The food is amazing!  The on-site chef for the weekend, Stacy Hendrie, specializes in health & wellness meal prep, and we enjoyed super clean, super healthy food that really set the tone for such a restorative weekend.  The yoga studio looks and smells new.  There are different instructors each day - which I liked because I was exposed to each of their unique perspectives.  Rhodella led an aroma yoga session and that was cool! 


I also liked the fact that there were activities outside of yoga where we could appreciate our natural surroundings.  There was an awesome hike up an old logging trail, and we were led in a reflective discussion around the outdoor fire pit.  During breaks in the day, there were health & wellness workshops for us to attend. 


Suffice to say, I had an amazing time and will definitely be back.  And I very highly recommend one billion percent!!!!!!!!! 

Paolo Conte

Summer 2019 Retreat Participant

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